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Tagliatelle Special Course

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Partially reserved



Start: Morning at 10:00

When: Check date on calendar

Uniform: disposable apron and VSB headgear.

Program: Three hours of practical lesson in the kitchen, during which the students will produce:

  • dough,
  • stretching,
  • drying of sfoglia,
  • cutting of sfoglia to realize the tagliatelle pasta.

Available Languages: Italian – English

Useful information:
– Obligatory reservation.
– Materials and equipment are provided by the School.
– We recommend comfortable shoes. -Enrollment fee is required.
– The reimbursement fee is not foreseen for early withdrawal of the student or in the event that the course is not completed due to its complete or partial absence.
– The arrival time is binding for the scheduled program. They can be tolerated at least 10 minutes late, after which the service will not be guaranteed or the registration fee will be refunded.

Gluten, Lactose and Dried Fruits are present in the rooms.

COST: € 79.00 per person.