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Nicolas Potoglou

HIS WORK:  Felix Trattoria


I am Nicolas and I am a Sfoglino in America.

I graduated from VSB in Bologna, Italy in early 2020.

Throughout my Culinary career I have always been in love with Pasta. In the American culinary scene there are not many restaurants that have a positive and meticulous focus on the importance of fresh pasta and the correct means to produce, care, and cook this long lasting traditional food. With the guidance of my mother, it was suggested I do some research to find the best school in Italy, where I could explore and grow my knowledge of pasta making. How grateful I am that I followed her advice.

I chose to attend VSB because I knew right away it was the best pasta school in Italy. I also knew that I would be welcomed with kindness and given the opportunity to; ask questions, better understand the nature and heritage of pasta; as well as be given guidance on how to be the best pasta maker I can be.

I now work at Felix Trattoria in Los Angeles, California, under the tutelage of Master Sfoglino Evan Funke, (Also a graduate of VSB in Bologna). Working as a pastaio, I roll Sfoglia, make fresh pasta hand shapes, manage daily pasta laboratory routines, and learn every day how to be a better Sfoglino. I wanted to work for Evan because I realized immediately that Felix Trattoria was one of the only places in the United States that, as a whole, correctly represented the heritage and regional quality of Sfoglia and fresh pasta. Chef Evan and the Felix Trattoria staff were a great help aslo, in encouraging me to attend VSB and work towards my goals. It was Chef Evan who first gave me the idea to attend VSB.

In the future I would love to teach others the importance of making sfoglia with a mattarello and why it is the best way to make fresh pasta. When pasta is fatto a mano with a mattarello, the quality is immediately recognizable and unparalleled to other pastas.

Grazie mille to the Spisni and VSB family for your knowledge and guidance.

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ABOUT HIM THE TEACHER SAYS: Nicolas is Sfoglino in love with Sfoglia … and she reciprocates. Seek perfection through sweetness. He does not roll Sfoglia !! He caresses her

Alessandra Spisni

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