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Max Ceresi

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“I’m Massimo.
My journey began in the family shop, specializing in butchery and gastronomy.
From there I created a parallel home barbecue activity, this idea allowed me to shoot in Italy up to Zurich in Switzerland.
For 2 years I was in charge of the kitchen, I prepared typical dishes of Bologna!
Back for the lock down I felt the need to broaden the knowledge of my homeland to continue my journey!
As a good Bolognese What else if not making Sfoglia!
Thanks to VSB-Bologna I was able to study and practice this art as I never could have imagined!
The power of expression of Sfoglia has an unparalleled charm! It opens your heart and stimulates you to put more and more!
With this new knowledge I am ready for new adventures that allow me to cultivate my culinary passions and their research ‘, I thank Alessandra, Stefania, Roberto and Alessandro. Thanks VSB-Bologna!
This pleasure that comes from the heart, I will try to pass it on as you did with me!
To those who are curious to learn
Making Sfoglia generates an emotion between you and her! creates conviviality, aggregation and marks how important it is to put your heart into what you do!
Try to believe!”

Massimo Ceresi
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The Teacher says of him: Great! Victorious for courage and merit.

Alessandra Spisni

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