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Il Quaderno di Cucina dall'1 Dicembre IN LIBRERIA

Irene Strappa

WORKS AT:  Delizie di Pasta

WHERE: Ozzano, BOLOGNA!!!!

“I am Irene, I am 30 years old and I was a student of Alessandra Spisni. I have always worked in restaurant with the dream of one day opening my own place. I have always been passionate about food, tradition and self-production, as personal values ​​that enrich life. Restaurant has never been able to fully satisfy my need to do, to create, to be useful. I needed to be more of a protagonist. So one day this idea flashed into my mind: I had to follow my nature, do something that really mirrored me .. And my intuition led me to knock on VSB’s door, where all the things I believed in seemed true. I found an extraordinarily genuine environment and the wisdom of knowing how to do well, according to tradition. It was just what I was looking for! I will now start my career that will surely sharpen my hand and my mind under the guidance of Angela, in turn a student of VSB. It will be a great challenge, and challenge it is!”

LINK: https://www.instagram.com/irene_strappa/

THE TEACHER SAYS ABOUT HER: New sfoglina, sfoglina for merit !!! She has always believed in it fully, and the Sfoglia recognized her. Good, tenacious and independent. It has given me a lot of satisfaction.

Alessandra Spisni


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