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Helena Tornblom

HER BUSINESS:  Pastahantverket

WHERE: SWEDEN – Stockholm

I am Helena and I am a Sfoglina.

I graduated from VSB- Bologna summer 2019 after a spring in Bologna full of eggs and flour.

I had been searching for exactly this kind of school for ten years – on and off.

Today I run a business called Pastahantverket in Sweden, mostly Stockholm. Pastahantverket means The Pasta Crafts Workshop.

What I do:

– I do workshops for everyone whom wants to learn the craft of doing pasta by hand; from ordinary people to chefs or other professionals.

– I also do events, like PopUps at restaurants.

– And sometimes, when I have the time, I sell pasta that I have produced. 

– During spring 2020 I made some instruction movies on You Tube

If you read this you know that all of us – educated at VSB- Bologna – use only our hands, bodies and mattarellos as tools.

The satisfaction that gives, is really deep. And it also feels like I – we all – honour all the women and men before us that practiced the art of pasta making. For me, it´s a mission to spread the artigianato della pasta as much as possible.

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ABOUT HER THE TEACHER SAYS: A show !! Wit and dedication that she transforms into passion. The Chief Commander!

Alessandra Spisni

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