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Daniela Biancu

HER BUSINESS:  Dani Biancu

WHERE: SPAIN – Barcelona

I am Daniela Biancu, I am of Sardinian origin but I have been living outside my beautiful island for a long time now. Before arriving in Spain, I lived in Bologna for ten years, where I learned many secrets about fresh pasta. Without a doubt the time spent at Vecchia Scuola Bolognese was fundamental for my training as a sfoglina: learn techniques and recipes, practice the drawing of the dough under the careful guidance of Alessandra and experience all this up close that revolves around this profession has allowed me to have a broad and complete vision and understand the mission of the VSB which has always recognized and promoted the great potential of this profession.

From Bologna to Barcelona it was a short step, I wanted to change and after a short vacation I decided to I have been living and working in Catalonia for fourteen years now, producing fresh pasta for different restaurants in and around the city. It was not easy to promote and sell my services given the skepticism of many chefs and restaurateurs, who, too if Italians did not have a clear picture of the sfoglina.

With intervals between the kitchen fires and the cutting board I shaped my work and with satisfaction I can say that currently there are many people who have decided to bet on an artisan product to be offered in their restaurants and their customers. I work the pasta entirely by hand, respecting traditional techniques and trying to make the many Italian regional realities known also through the courses I teach in cooking schools and specialized centers … and more … there have been several occasions when I have collaborated with Italian academies with festivals and markets always inherent to the world of food, in short, fun ways to make known a tradition like that of fresh handmade pasta .

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ABOUT HER THE TEACHER SAYS: She is tenacity, tireless and determined. The one that never gives up! Alessandra Spisni


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