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Mukesh Mulmi Kannuskuja

WHERE: Helsinki

Hi, I am Mukesh, From Nepal, but I have been living in Finland.  I graduated from VSB- Bologna in April 2023. I am passionate about food, history and tradition. I am also a cook. I worked in many restaurants with different concepts. But I started getting attracted toward more simple, traditional and classic cooking. Therefore, I was in search of something I would truly enjoy and dedicate my career to.  
I have always loved pasta. But fresh pasta made by hand is the next level. One of my Italian Chef recommended me about VSB- Bologna. I watched some videos, attempted it at home. And fell in love with Art. That’s how my journey started. 
I started with Beginner course in VSB. I wasn’t doing well, but my desire to make Sfoglia grew even more. I wasn’t ready for a professional course. But Maestra Stefania gave me a chance. That was one of my happiest moments.   
During my time in VSB- Bologna, I learned a lot. Maestra Alessandra Spisni, Maestra Stefania Spisni and VSB family nurtured me in so many ways- Techniques, skills, spirituality, simplicity, cookery & many more. Whatever I know today, is because of them.   
I would love to open my own Pasta laboratory someday. But for now, I will keep dancing with impasto, grow my connection with sfoglia, hone my skills, share my knowledge and enjoy the process. 


Thanks a Million, Maestra Alessandra Spisni, Maestra Stefania and VSB- Bologna family.  I am blessed to be part of the VSB- Bologna family. 








Alessandra Spisni


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