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valentina franchi

Valentina Franchi

HER BUSINESS: Ruvida Restaurante


“Just two years ago, after finishing my pasta course at Vecchia Scuola Bolognese, I started my carrier as Sfoglina.
My dream was to travel the world with the rolling pin on my shoulder and just a bag full of pasta tools, working in restaurants along the way and accumulate more pasta knowledge. I wanted to know every single pasta shape before open my own place.
In this picture, I was in Belluno, a small city in Northern Italy, the place where my parents come from. I knew I wanted to travel far, so starting from the roots was the obvious choice for me.
But life had other plans for me and rushed everything… So now I’m the owner of a beautiful and cozy little italian restaurant in Lisbon.
I didn’t travel the world, I don’t know every single pasta shape. But I feel like I’m holding a treasure in my arms and I’m learning a new job.
And I’m loving it!”

Valentina Franchi




ABOUT HER THE TEACHER SAYS: Student of my brother Alessandro, certainly good!

Alessandra Spisni

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