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Hi, my name is Aurélien Lemaunier, I’m French and I live in Paris.
I have always worked in the restaurant sector. I spent about ten years as a waiter and barman, but having been passionate about cooking since childhood, I decided to go back to school to train as a chef. After obtaining my diploma, I worked in several restaurants, from the solitary management of a small Parisian bistro to the large teams of a starred restaurant.

I have always loved pasta, I always saw it being made with a machine and one day, a friend explained to me that he knew a person who had learned to make pasta with just a rolling pin and a board in a school in Bologna. I informed myself and so my encounter with pasta began. It was a revelation. It was what I wanted to do. After a 3 day course, I realized I liked the atmosphere. I then signed up for the three-month training course at VSB. I took the big step, leaving my wife and children for this period, to dedicate myself to this artisanal practice.

Since then, my pleasure has grown more and more, appreciating the simple and demanding side of this profession. After an experience full of emotions with the Spisni team, I have recently returned to Paris and I am organizing everything to perpetuate this art and make the Bolognese puff pastry shine around me.

LINK: https://www.instagram.com/barbapasta/


BOUT HIM THE TEACHER SAYS:  my French cockerel, I have high expectations of him.


Alessandra Spisni


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