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Justin Schmidt


WHERE: USA – Portland

“My Journey to Bologna started in Japan with a class I attended at Base. This was my first time witnessing someone use a mattarello and I was totally blown away. At the end of the demonstration Kosaku recommended VSB. I continued making sub par pasta in Portland for the next 3 years until I finally got the opportunity to move to Italy.
Spending the next three months making sfoglia everyday under the watchful eyes of the Maeatra’s was an invaluable gift. Eating traditional meals everyday, not to mention the holidays were in full swing by the time I left led to an immersive education.
Now being back in PDX I am proudly displaying  
what I learned through my business Repezzi.”



ABOUT HIM THE TEACHER SAYS:  comes as silent as a cat effective as a lynx !

Alessandra Spisni


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