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David Widman

HIS BUSINESS: www.VeniViniPasta.com

WHERE: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

My handmade pasta journey started with several single day pasta courses in Sicily. I very much enjoyed working with fresh dough and the final pasta products. I looked for a longer course in Italy and found VSB, where I took a 3 days course. Stefania’s joy of teaching further entrenched my interest in the art of handmade pasta. I learned about the professional course and after discussion with Stefania about my future plans, on how to utilize the teachings of the professional course, I was accepted into the 3 month Professional Apprenticeship at VSB. Before I arrived for the apprenticeship, I thought that I could make most of the Bolognese pasta shapes and sfoglia well. However, early during the apprenticeship, I realized my limitation and strove to solidify and expand on my early knowledge. Initially, I felt like a fish out of water, working alongside my 2 apprentice comrades, who were experienced kitchen professionals. Eventually, I became the director of the kitchen and felt comfortable in the roll. The mood at VSB is one of tradition and family, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of the family at VSB. My Nova Scotian comrade and I will forever be remembered as the Crazy Canadians. I will be remembered as the Sfoglino with the largest hands, a hindrance when making small tortellini.

Ciao Bella







Alessandra Spisni


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