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WHERE: Melbourne, Australia

Hi im Daniel, I am an Australian-Italian who has been immersed in the roles of both a farmer and a chef for the past eight years. In my early twenties, I made the decision to embark on a journey to Italy, driven by a desire to learn traditional farming and cooking techniques. During my Travels, Bologna captivated me with its unfiltered authenticity and I decided to settle down for a while. After making some connections I found employment in a pastificio. It was in this setting that I encountered sfoglia for the first time a “love at first sight” moment. This realisation made me determined to learn the craft, leading me to the discovery of VSB and Alessandra Spisini. Following a patient wait to find the best time to dedicate a full 3 months to this craft I was accepted into the advanced diploma program, a transformative experience. My love for sfoglia has only intensified over time.
Presently, I am in Italy planning on pop-up events and collaborations with fellow chefs around the country. Additionally, I aspire to further enhance my expertise in sfoglia by working in a pasta laboratory in Bologna. Ultimately, my vision is an agroturismo, either in Australia or Italy, wherein my profound appreciation for food, sfoglia, and sustainable farming practices can converge harmoniously.

LINK: https://www.instagram.com/danielloiksfood/


BOUT HIM THE TEACHER SAYS:  curiosity is intelligence


Alessandra Spisni


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