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Colin Bebbington

HIS BUSINESS: Scotian heritage foods

WHERE: 630 Francklyn Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Early on in my career, I was sure pasta would be a major part of my future, but I was also very aware of how much more I needed to know. A few years of working in Michelin-starred restaurants in the U.S and Europe taught me how crucial is proper training, and I wanted to pursue that in the world of pasta. 

When I first returned home during the pandemic, the book American Sfoglino by Evan Funke had just been published, and it became my introduction to this traditional skill. Funke pays homage to his teacher, Alessandra Spisni, an eight time ‘Pasta d’Or’ world champion in Italy, and his words convinced me I had to go to Italy. 

In Bologna the title Sfoglini is wrapped up in the history, tradition and culture that are the underpinnings of the cuisine. Sfoglini make pasta by hand, employing nothing more than a large rolling pin called a mattarello and a large wooden board called a tagliere. Machines are never part of the process.  

In April 2023, I started a three-month tenure with Alessandra and her daughter Stefania, and my time with them was the most important part of my career thus far.  

On day one, I found myself in one of the best pasta laboratori in the world, and from the start it was impressed upon me that the tradition behind foods must always be honoured, with zero exceptions, zero cutting corners, zero room for bull shit. 

To Alessandra and Stefania Spisni, I say thank you with all my heart for teaching me this traditional skill: how things are made, why they are made that way, and the tradition that goes into dishes is something I was always have with me. Becoming a professional Sfoglino under the training of these two will guide me for the rest of my career. 




ABOUT HIM THE TEACHER SAYS:  the Perfectionist


Alessandra Spisni


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