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Our recipes: the tagliatelle


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Ingredients for 7 portions

  • Soft wheat flour “00”, gr 500, plus the one for the cutting board (Choose a mixture of grains suitable for puff pastry)
  • 5 medium eggs


Roll the pastry very thin (the old sfogline said it is perfect, when lifting it, San Luca can be seen in transparency), and let it dry, turning it above and below, so that it takes air on both sides, until it can be rolled up on itself itself without attacking.

Roll the dough without squeezing it too much, or too little.

Cut the noodles to the width suitable for use.

Unroll the noodles and, if they are not consumed immediately, pack the nests. In order to keep the noodles well and for a long time, it is essential to let them dry well, so make sure that the air passes all over the nest, so that mold does not form.

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